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Retreat Portugal
Termas-da-Azena - near Coimbra


NEW DATE FOR THE RETREAT 2020 - to be published on 01-01-2020


One week of training without distractions. The retreat will combine two parallel classes. A class for  beginners starting and / or learning the form and for student who know the full form (3 parts). 

 Teachers:  Stefan Diderich & Matthea van Staden, 


Costs Tai Chi Chuan week

6 days training

Morning, afternoon, evening sessions total € 350,00


Payment terms & conditions workshop. Payment preferable via wire transfer to bankaccount: NL27 ASNB0950 382329 With mention of your full

name and reference to “ITCCA retreat.” When wished an invoice can be provided. Payments should be transferred no later than two weeks

in advance. After the 31th of July you registration will become binding. In case of cancelation we will charge 50% of the costs for the workshop. On individual basis in case of force majeur we decide to refund.


Saturday 12th of October between 15.00- 18.00

Diner, welcome and evening session.



Saturday 19th of October Morning exercises & breakfast.


Costs accommodation

7 nights. Shared bedroom p.p /max.2 person in one room

€ 350,00 Single bedroom € 420,00

-> The costs include breakfast, lunch and diner at the Termas. When as a group we decide during the week to have diner at a restaurant / or other activities outside, those additional costs are not included. -> There are only limited single rooms with private facilities available. We prefer to appoint those first to participants who are for mandatory reasons unable to share a room. Important payment conditions for residence: To secure your booking 50% of the costs for residence has to be paid two months in advance of stay. This is at the latest on the 10th of August 2019. At account number: NL12 INGB 000 7280915 on behalf of E .Lanser, Rotterdam. Mention your full -name with reference “ITCCA retreat” / single or double room.


beginning to begin,

beginners began,

and advanced

began beginners.

Tai Chi Chuan Retreat


Tai Chi Chuan finds its inspiration in nature and every day environment. It recognises the flow of changes in seasonal- and life cycli, animal activity and spirit. It sees the characteristic treats of flora and fauna in whole with human life. 

Tai Chi Chuan identifies principles in nature, which engender movement from stillness with endless change and variation. One technique becomes five and five becomes hundred.


Instigated with the mind and intend the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and its principles appeals to a higher sensitivity in both bodily and mental awareness. This awareness is shaped and directed in solid stillness and in movement, in connection with a partner or an object like in weapon exercises. Over time a practitioner incorporates an inner natural strength. This strength is embedded in the bodies soft connecting tissues, energised when being relaxed yet awake and lively. 


During the retreat we intend to offer one week of training to enable ourself to deeper sense the meaning of these words from experience in form practise and in the energising and partner exercises. 


Looking forward

Stefan Diderich & Matthea van Staden.



Mountain ranges reach into Coimbra the nearest city to were we will be staying. Soure is located some 25 minutes drive to the South West from Coimbra the former country's capital. 

The surroundings of the Termas were we are staying are varied. Close around us there are the majestic storks, grumpy herons, perky egrets and birds of pray to see, little birdies to hear and all around little animals like rabbits and badgers. The surrounding hills with eucalyptus and pinetrees smell great. Adjacent to the Termas you oversee the rice fields harvested in Autumn.




Address of our place of residence and training:

Rua João Henriques Foja Oliveira 42

3130-433 Vinha da Rainha, Soure

skype: Termas da Azenha

phone: +351-239508493


-> The website of termas da azenha is worth a visit to learn more about the surrounding.