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Weekly practice

During the weekly practice you will learn the  tai chi form, Daoïst Health exercises and practice Chi Kung. The practice is guided by an assistant -teacher to be.

The input for the training and more deep practice including partner exercises and meditation will be provided for by the teacher Maya Matthea van Staden during the weekend classes. These will be announced on the top of the home page. 

It's recommended to follow 3 Months of practice as means of introduction course to get by experience some fuller understanding of the objectives and disciplines we teach.

After you can make a more fundamental decision on if you would like to continue to learn our Tai Chi Chuan style.

A lesson consist of an 1 and 15 minutes training by Adrian.

Joining the weekly classes brings a basic commitment to join weekend workshop class(es) by Maya Matthea during her visits.

This is in support of your learning.

We try to plan the weekends as much as possible together with the students attending.

During the lessons and group training you will get personal instructions to support you in learning to do the exercises more independently. 


Price: weekly lesson € 7,50 classes, with Maya Matthea € 27,50 (per lesson 3 hours).



 Porto area

R.José Tome Santos

Revelo 44, Maia - 4470-334

Good weather place in Summer:

Parque de Cidade, estr. Edificio Transparante.

Teacher: Maya Matthea van Staden and assistent Adrian.


information will follow


information will follow 

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