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Terms and conditions

1. ITCCA Portugal 

The terms and conditions relate to the registration for a course at International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA) - Portugal.

2. Teacher

The courses are given by by an by Master Chu approved ITCCA teacher. ITCCA teachers follow annually minimum one exam with Master Chu.

3. Level

Enrollment in a course will be based on the previous experience of the student.

4. Lessons

The frequency of lessons is connected to the dates mentioned in the course description. 

5. Notice period 

After a beginners course weekly a student can ascribe for continuation of the lessons. Once enrolled the terms will be automatically extended and dates of lessons communicated by the teacher. This agreement can be cancelled with a notice period of one month. 

6. Payment

The costs for a course are mentioned with the information of the course description.
Those costs need to be paid before the start of the first lesson. Bank details: IBAN: NL 27ASNB 0950382329, to  M.v. Staden with the notice of the full name of the student and name of the course. 
Cash payment can only be done after consultation.

7. Membership fee
The membership fee for ITCCA Europe is included in the contribution for the beginners course nut isn't included in the Monthly fee after.  And annual payment of € 30,00  gives access to exercise classes of ITCCA school throughout Europe and the possibility to enroll ITCCA courses offered by Master Chu.

8. Holidays and specials celebrations

During school holidays or special celebration the school has the right to be closed for a limited period. Monthly contributions will not be reduced (it's already counted for in the contribution).

9. Missed classes

When a student missed classes or doesn't attend the lessons for another reason contribution won't be reduced. Special cases can be counted for based on the decision of the teacher.

10. Liability 

The liability for personal damages is restricted to gross deliberate damage inflicted with purpose. 

11. Personal belongings

For theft and damages to personal belongings and valuable carrier into the school / studio the school can't be held liable. 

12. Teaching restrictions

The “original Yang-styl” tai chi chuan can be taught only by an ITCCA acknowledged teacher. The lessons are personal. It's for a student not allowed to share those classes with others, specially not against payment.  The name “original Yang-style”, parts of the name looking alike and the name ITCCA can only be used with official permission of the school.


For more information feel free to contact.

Matthea van Staden

Chambre of Commerce registration / The Netherlands 61205524

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